Insights into Insurance Radio Show

Join us for the "Insights into Insurance" show on Albert Lea Radio (KATE 1450 AM) every Saturday morning at 8:45 AM. Tom Sorenson, owner of Americana Insurance, and his many expert guests share great information, stories, and experiences related to everything you've ever wondered but couldn't figure out about insurance policies, coverage, and more.

Episode 294 (click link to listen)  College Students at School

Episode 293 (click link to listen)  Top Ten Claim Causes Worldwide

Episode 292  (click link to listen) Fair Questions at the Fair

Episode 291 (click link to listen) Water Damage- Disruptive and Destructive

Episode 290 (click link to listen) Lawsuits On the Rise

Episode 289 (click link to listen) Grilling Safety

Episode 288 (click link to listen) Long Term Care Update

Episode 287 (click link to listen) Adding a Building

Episode 286 (click link to listen) Classic Car Restrictions vs Hagerty

Episode 285 (click link to listen) Hagerty Classic and Collector Car Claims

Episode 284 (click link to listen) Waterpark Safety Risks

Episode 283 (click link to listen) Business Auto Loss Scenario

Episode 282 (click link to listen) Small Business Injury Trends

Episode 281 (click link to listen) Dog Bites & Insurance

Episode 280 (click link to listen) Testimonial from Jena

Episode 279 (click link to listen) Catalytic Converter Theft

Episode 278 (click link to listen) Home & Auto Discounts

Episode 277 (click link to listen) Commercial Auto Trends

Episode 276 (click link to listen)  Credit Scoring & Insurance

Episode 275 (click link to listen) Russian Invasion and Insurance

Episode 274 (click link to listen) Farm Theft On the Rise

Episode 273 (click link to listen)  What is Reinsurance?

Episode 272 (click link to listen) Why Bundle

Episode 271 (click link to listen) Grain Bin Safety Week

Episode 270 (click link to listen) Liz Ludwig New FSA Director

Episode 269 (click link to listen) Auto Rate Increases

Episode 268 (click link to listen) Auto Gap Insurance

Episode 267 (click link to listen) 2022 Ag Summit

Episode 266 (click link to listen) Risking What You Can Afford

Episode 265 (click link to listen) Farm Machinery & Equipment Values

Episode 264 (click link to listen) 2021 Fraud Hall of Shame

Episode 263 (click link to listen) Interview With Santa

Episode 262 (click link to listen) Collectibles and Antiques

Episode 261 (click link to listen)  Stock Market 101

Episode 260 (click link to listen)  Preparing Your Home for Winter

Episode 259 (click link to listen) Thanksgiving Interview

Episode 258 (click link to listen)  Snowbird Checklist

Episode 257 (click link to listen) Winter Alternative Heating Safety

Episode 256 (click link to listen) Interview with a Vampire

Episode 255 (click link to listen) Insurance & the Rising Costs of Farm Equipment

Episode 254 (click link to listen) Loss Assessment Coverage

Episode 253 (click link to listen) National Farmers Day

Episode 252 (click link to listen)  Farm Harvest Precautions

Episode 251 (click link to listen) Mulso Book Transfer