Insights into Insurance Radio Show

Join us for the "Insights into Insurance" show on Albert Lea Radio (KATE 1450 AM) every Saturday morning at 8:45 AM. Tom Sorenson, owner of Americana Insurance, and his many expert guests share great information, stories, and experiences related to everything you've ever wondered but couldn't figure out about insurance policies, coverage, and more.

Episode 249 (click link to listen)  Anti Money Laundering

Episode 248 (click link to listen) 17th Annual Fire Extinguisher Event

Episode 247 (click link to listen)  Rise of Slip & Fall Claims

Episode 246 (click link to listen)  Albert Lea Rental Scooters

Episode 245 (click link to listen) Elements of a Life Ins. Contract

Episode 244 (click link to listen) Fair Questions at the Fair

Episode 243 (click link to listen) Metal Roofs -the Pros and Cons

Episode 242 (click link to listen) Drought & Crop Insurance

Episode 241 (click link to listen) Contracts- Friendship Keepers

Episode 240 (click link to listen) Surfside Condo Details

Episode 239 (click link to listen) 4th of July Quiz

Episode 238 (click link to listen) Beware of Flood Vehicles

Episode 237 (click link to listen) Summertime Blues for Teen Drivers

Episode 236 (click link to listen) Front Line Underwriting. What is it?

Episode 235 (click link to listen) IT Challenges learned through the pandemic

Episode 234 (click link to listen) Acreage Reporting

Episode 233 (click link to listen) Contractors and Contracts

Episode 232 (click link to listen) What is an Adjuster and Types of Adjusters?

Episode 231 (click link to listen) Why you should hire a licensed contractor

Episode 230 (click link to listen) What is a Legit Business?

Episode 229 (click link to listen) Motorcycle Insurance

Episode 228 (click link to listen) 1st QTR Quiz

Episode 227 (click link to listen) What Clients Want 

Episode 226 (click link to listen) Travel Insurance

Episode 225 (click link to listen) March Madness

Episode 224 (click link to listen) Severe Weather Preparedness

Episode 223 (click link to listen) What is an Underwriter?

Episode 222 (click link to listen) Grain Bin Safety Week

Episode 221 (click link to listen) Inland Marine

Episode 220 (click link to listen) Why do you bundle?

Episode 219 (click link to listen) 21st Annual Ag Summit

Episode 218 (click link to listen) Condo Insurance

Episode 217 (click link to listen) Tracking the Farmer $

Episode 216 (click link to listen) History of Work Comp

Episode 215 (click link to listen) 2020 Password Blunders

Episode 214 (click link to listen) 2020 Review Pop Quiz

Episode 213 (click link to listen) Candle Safety

Episode 212 (click link to listen) Interview with Santa

Episode 211 (click link to listen) Common Claim Mistakes

Episode 210 (click link to listen)  Insurance Fraud Hall of Shame

Episode 209 (click link to listen) Employee Voluntary Benefits

Episode 208 (click link to listen) Question from Zeke the Turkey Freak

Episode 207 (click link to listen) Production Reporting

Episode 206 (click link to listen) 10 deadliest vehicles

Episode 205 (click link to listen) Interview with a Vampire

Episode 204 (click link to listen) Artificial Intelligence & More

Episode 203 (click link to listen) Crop Ins. 101

Episode 202 (click link to listen) 40 Square Health Ins. for Farmers

Episode 201 (click link to listen) Rising Cost of Healthcare

Episode 200 (click link to listen) 200th Show- Best of Shows 1-200

Episode 199 (click link to listen) Loans against Life Insurance

Episode 198 (click link to listen) Hands Free 1st anniversary

Episode 197 (click link to listen) Dogs & Insurance

Episode 196 (click link to listen) Sports Injuries

Episode 195 (click link to listen) Farmer Talk

Episode 194 (click link to listen) Injury and Liability

Episode 193 (click link to listen) Tidbits of Info

Episode 192 (click link to listen) Apples to Apples

Episode 191 (click link to listen) LLC's for nonbusiness

Episode 190 (click link to listen) What to do after an auto accident 

Episode 189 (click link to listen) Strange Claims and coverage's

Episode 188 (click link to listen) 4th of July quiz

Episode 187 (click link to listen) Seniors and Auto Insurance

Episode 186 (click link to listen) Tornadoes

Episode 185 (click link to listen) Swimming Pools

Episode 184 (click link to listen) Riots and Insurance

Episode 183 (click link to listen) Quiz Time-Flood Insurance

Episode 182 (click link to listen) Disability Insurance

Episode 181 (click link to listen) Boating Safety

Episode 180 (click link to listen) Why is there a meat Shortage?

Episode 179 (click link to listen) Shelter in Place Projects

Episode 178(click link to listen) Auto Rate Factors

Episode 177(click link to listen) Dumping Milk

Episode 176(click link to listen) Seinfeld Show

Episode 175(click link to listen) Working at Home Cyber Security Threats

Episode 174 (click link to listen) Business Income Insurance & Covid -19

Episode 173(click link to listen) Covid -19 Business Emergency Response

Episode 172(click link to listen) SCSU Insurance Degree

Episode 171(click link to listen) Wells Office Announcement

Episode 170(click link to listen)General Liability vs. Professional Liability

Episode 169(click link to listen) Home Burglary Prevention

Episode 168(click link to listen) Jewelry & Farmers Reminders

Episode 167(click link to listen) Ed Usset Grain Marketing Specialists

Episode 166(click link to listen) 2020 Ag Summit Invitation Show

Episode 165(click link to listen) Radon- Silent Killer

Episode 164(click link to listen) Blended Families & Financial Planning

Episode 163(click link to listen) What is Subrogation?

Episode 162(click link to listen) New Years Insurance Resolutions

Episode 161(click link to listen) New Years Quiz

Episode 160(click link to listen) Interview with Santa

Episode 159(click link to listen) Ag Update

Episode 158(click link to listen) Mortgage Protection vs Term Life Insurance

Episode 157(click link to listen) Special Events Coverage

Episode 156(click link to listen) Interview with Tom TurkeyWhat is Subrogation?

Episode 155(click link to listen) Silver Bells Driver Improvement class offering

Episode 154(click link to listen) Winter Driving Safety Tips

Episode 153(click link to listen) Is Your Business Relying on Luck?

Episode 152(click link to listen) Halloween- Interview with a Vampire

Episode 151(click link to listen) Hobby or Business?

Episode 150(click link to listen) Blended Families and Financial Planning

Episode 149(click link to listen) Newlyweds & Insurance

Episode 148(click link to listen) Top 5 auto claims in the Fall

Episode 147(click link to listen) Is your home adequately insured?

Episode 146(click link to listen) Farm Update & Hemp

Episode 145(click link to listen) 15th annual Fire Extinguisher Re-fill Event

Episode 144(click link to listen) Aging in Place

Episode 143(click link to listen) To Claim or Not to Claim?

Episode 142(click link to listen) The Grain Scoop

2019 acreage data as of August 1, 2019

Episode 141(click link to listen) Hot New Company

Episode 140(click link to listen) Fair Questions at the Fair 

Episode 139(click link to listen) Tree Coverage

Episode 138(click link to listen) Tom's Vacation Problems

Episode 137(click link to listen) Quiz Time!

Episode 136(click link to listen) Cool Things on our Website

Episode 135(click link to listen) Insurance Fraud

Episode 134(click link to listen) Improve Your Business

Episode 133(click link to listen) What can Americana offer in Safety Training?

Episode 132(click link to listen) Listener Email Questions

Episode 131(click link to listen) Prevented Planting

Episode 130(click link to listen) Disability Insurance

Episode 129(click link to listen) Personal Lines & Farm Updates

Episode 128 (click link to listen) Nationwide/CHS Dividend

Episode 127 (click link to listen) Collector Car Insurance

Episode 126 (click link to listen) Call before you Dig!

Episode 125  (click link to listen) New Hands Free Bill

Episode 124  (click link to listen) Basic, Broad,Special Form

Episode 123  (click link to listen) Quiz Time

Episode 122  (click link to listen) Pet Insurance

Episode 121  (click link to listen) Flood Ins. Part II

Episode 120  (click link to listen)  Flood Ins. Part I

Episode 119  (click link to listen) Snow load coverage on roofs & Buildings

Episode 118  (click link to listen) Business Emergency Planning

Episode 117  (click link to listen) First Time Home Buyers Clinic

Episode 116  (click link to listen) Proposed Hands Free Bill

Episode 115  (click link to listen) Catastrophes & Ag Summit

Episode 114  (click link to listen) Arson Investigations

Episode 113  (click link to listen) AL Trap Team

Episode 112  (click link to listen) Insuring Ice Fishing Houses

Episode 111  (click link to listen) Dangers of Alternative Heating

Episode 110  (click link to listen) Home Based Business & Insurance 

Episode 109  (click link to listen)   Distracted Driving

Episode 108  (click link to listen) Interview with Santa

Episode 107  (click link to listen) Quiz Time

Episode 106  (click link to listen) Emotional Stress On Farmers

Episode 105  (click link to listen) Its a Wonderful Life Clinic