June 2020

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Every Saturday morning  “Insights into Insurance” radio show KATE 1450AM 8:45am

June 21 - Happy Father’s Day

June 30- FSA Deadline to complete Enrollment for 2020 Agriculture  Risk Coverage (ARC) , Price Loss Coverage (PLC) Programs   

July 3 - Happy 4th of July -Office Closed

July 4 - Happy 4th of July

July 6- Re-Opening of Americana Insurance Offices by appointment only

July 15 - Crop Insurance Acreage Report Deadline

August 28 – FSA Deadline to sign up for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP)

Grain Marketing

Are  you wanting a really easy grain marketing tool? Do you want to be told when is a good time to sell?  If you are a Crop Insured of Americana Insurance Group you can get a new tool called DCIS Action Indicator.  Please see the videos for more information.


Download the apps here

Crop Insurance

Acreage Reporting has been steady.

As you know in the past our process was for you to get your FSA paperwork completed and come to our office and we would complete the Acreage Report for Federal Crop Insurance. Due to the challenges of the Covid-19 virus we will have to change the procedure for 2020. Please note this is the current procedure as this could change in the future as things progress.

As of now with discussion with the Freeborn County FSA office, this is how they will be doing business.

FSA Certifying Procedure
  • Call the Freeborn County FSA office at 507-373-7960  and tell them you would like to pick up your maps.
  • When you get to their office call their phone and tell them that you are there and they will deliver your maps to you at the front office entrance outside.
  • Take the Maps home and fill out. (Unless you want to fill out in your vehicle)
  • Return them by calling the FSA office when you are in the parking lot. They will meet you at the entrance outside to pick up.
  • Once they have processed them they will call you to come in and sign. Again, at Front Entrance.
Americana Insurance Group Procedure  
  • When you sign the completed FSA paperwork please print the Permission Letter (click here FSA Permission Letterfill it out and hand to them this letter with your FSA paperwork.
  • The FSA office will make an extra copy for our agency and we will pick up at their office
  • You can get that copy and drop off in our North Side door (Facing Albert Lea Seed House) and drop in our Overnight Drop Off Slot which can also be used during the day.  
  • Once we have completed filling out your acreage report we will send out an email for you to review and sign electronically.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 507-377-2000.

Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP)

Do you know about the CFAP program? We have been surprised by how many farmers are unaware of this program. Many area farmers will qualify.  Here are a couple links to read up about the program.  


How to qualify for Social Security as a farmer.

Insights Into Insurance

How to apply for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP)


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