June 2019

Upcoming Events

 Every Saturday morning  “Insights into Insurance” radio show KATE 1450AM 8:45am

June 1 First day to claim PP on corn

June 6 Wells Summer in the City

June 11 First day to claim PP on soybeans

July 4 & 5 Happy 4th of July – Office Closed

July 15 Crop Insurance Acreage Report Deadline  

Farm Equipment

Driverless Goes Big in Farming in 2019
Over the past couple decades, technology and automation have become integral to agriculture. In 2019, three new technologies in particular will take that trend even further: DOT Power Platform, AutoCart and SmartCore. 


Crop Insurance

Prevented Planting
Due to the wet conditions for our local farmers, the topic of prevented planting is an option to consider. Read more below for Tom's options and considerations.


Grain Marketing

Record slow planting puts 2019 crop at risk
Corn production faces uphill odds unless rest of the growing season is perfect...


AG Economists Cautiously Optimistic about 2019
Economists are cautiously optimistic about 2019, despite negativity surrounding prices and outlooks for the farm sector...



The results of the Agriculture Department's latest Census of Agriculture reveal that the number of new farmers rose 5% between 2012 and 2017. The survey, conducted by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, also indicates that local food sales are on the upswing.


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