February 2020

Upcoming Events

Every Saturday morning  “Insights into Insurance” radio show KATE 1450AM 8:45 am

Feb 11 - 2020 20th Annual Ag Summit

Mar 16 - 2020 Crop Insurance Sign Up Deadline

Farm Highlights

2020 20th annual Ag Summit Feb 11. Your invited to attend our Ag Summit Tuesday Feb 11 at Riverland College in Albert Lea. Click here for more details and registration.


Crop Insurance

Believe it or not it is almost that time again when we will sit down and review and put together your crop insurance plan for 2020 crop year. Deadline is Mar 15th to sign up or make changes. During the month of February the Federal Crop Insurance policy will start its Price Discovery for the MPCI policies to set their base/spring price for Corn and Soybeans. The base/spring price will be the average of every closing day on the CBOT for December futures on Corn and November Futures on beans.   Please click on link to see where the average sits as of today and going forward for the month of February.   Please make sure you enter the year, state, county, commodity and sales closing date of March 15, 2020 into the search criteria.



Scientists study how crop rotation patterns counteract pathogens

Scientists used a computational model to show how crop rotation patterns can boost long-term yield, particularly when crops have been threatened by plant pathogens. "Our model is an example of how evolutionary theory can complement farmers' knowledge," says Maria Bargues-Ribera of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology.


Perdue promises 3rd MFP payment is coming

While some question if the third and final Market Facilitation Program payment is forthcoming, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue assured attendees of the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting that payments are "imminent." He also pledged the USDA is working to improve crop production reporting while clarifying China is starting to waive tariffs on soybeans.

Insights Into Insurance

Do you need information about the 2018 Farm Bill? Here is a resource of great short videos explaining the ARC/PLC details. Along with the video are other sources for you to review.


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