August 2019

Upcoming Events

 Every Saturday morning  “Insights into Insurance” radio show KATE 1450AM 8:45am 

Sept 9 thru 20 - Americana  Insurance Group 15th annual Fire Extinguisher Re-Fill event

Sept 18 -  Land O’ Lakes Co-Op health Insurance Webinar

Sept 30 -  Sales Closing Deadline for Forage Production Insurance

Oct 28 -Dec 20 Open Enrollment Land O’ Lakes Farmer Health Ins.

Nov 1 – Dec 19 Open Enrollment 40 Square Farmer Health Ins.  

Dec 5-6 Americana Christmas Open House

Farm Insurance Highlights

Sexual Abuse and Insurance in the Agriculture Industry
Can you farm/agricultural business afford the groundswell of interest in gender equality, sexual harassment, and multiple related issues?


Crop Insurance & USDA Programs

Want to know about crop insurance deferral
Farmers who anticipate receiving crop insurance proceeds this year should evaluate whether they can be deferred before filing tax returns, CPA Brian Ravencraft writes. Federal tax law permits insurance proceeds to be deferred only when certain conditions are met, and proceeds based on low yield or process as apposed to damage or loss are not eligible as deferred income, he writes.


Disaster and MFP Payment News

FP: Details of 2019 Market Facilitation Program Released
MFP 2.0 Payment Rates


How will Income from Disaster and MFP Payments be Taxed?


Insights Into Insurance

Farming once encompassed only tending animals and growing crops, but today it has become more diverse, with integrated farming that may include processing, manufacturing, and other operations. Cheryl Koch discusses the shift that is occurring from farming to agribusiness. Watch "The Shift from Farming to Agribusiness" video.


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