September 2019

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Insurance Highlights

 According to an analysis by the University of Minnesota of national data, there were more than 29 million people enrolled in a high deductible health plan offered through their employer in 2017 and that 29 million, which doesn't include dependents, jumped by more than 4 million from 2016. The average annual deductible for Minnesotans with employer-sponsored family coverage was more than $3,700 a year in 2017, an increase of over 48% since 2013. In 2017, almost 60% of MN private-sector employees were enrolled in a high-deductible health plan, compared to 50% nationwide. As you know, premiums have also been increasing which is likely the reason for increasing deductibles and increasing HDHP enrollments. Between 2013 and 2017, average premiums for individuals and families have increased from $5,274 to $6,268 and $14,820 to $18,507, respectively. Almost half of MN employers offer employer-sponsored health insurance and they are picking up about 75% of the premium. To see a State-Level Data Sheet, click HERE

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15th Annual Fire Extinguisher Re-Fill  Event – A Special Offer to our clients

Did YOU know?

Are you a Caregiver? Are you planning on being a Care Giver? Or do you know of someone that is a Caregiver? Blue Cross Blue Shield Minnesota has a remarkable website for Caregivers. Please check it out by clicking on link.


July 20th marks the 50-year anniversary of the U.S. lunar landing. On that day in 1969, Apollo 11 made its arrival on the moon, a mission that fascinated America and is still incredible to this day. The brave men aboard the spacecraft knew this mission may be their last and purchasing a life insurance policy to provide security for the family of an astronaut was cost-prohibitive. According to Business Insider, an astronaut at that time would make about $15,000 annually and a life insurance policy for Neil Armstrong would have run about $50,000. So, what did crew members do to make sure their families were secure in the event they didn’t make it back? While being quarantined before their mission Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin signed hundreds of autographs. They would sign envelopes designed with space-related images, they would then place stamps on them and have them dropped in the mail by a trusted friend to be postmarked July 16th, 1969, the day of the mission’s launch. Their purpose was to gain value if the mission were to fail and provide a source of income for their families. These envelopes would later become known as “Apollo Insurance Covers”. Thank goodness, for the rest of us, there’s life insurance! 

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