October 2021

Upcoming Events

Every Saturday morning “Insights into Insurance” radio show KATE 1450AM 8:45am
Oct. 15-Dec. 7 Medicare Annual Election Period
Oct. 1-31 MPCI Crop Ins. Harvest Price discovery setting period for Corn and Beans
Oct. 31 – Happy Halloween!
Nov. 1- Dec .15 Individual Health Insurance Open Enrollment (for effective date of Jan 1 , 2022)
Nov 25-26 Happy Thanksgiving! (Office Closed)
Dec. 1 - MPCI Crop Insurance Interest Charge Date on Unpaid Balances
Dec 2-3 Americana Christmas Open House
Dec 24-25 Merry Christmas! (Office Closed)
<span>Insurance Highlights</span>

Insurance Highlights

Why is Americana Insurance an Independent agency? Here is a short video why.

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Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Fireplace Safety Tips

As the weather gets colder and your fireplace becomes more than a decorative focal point, be sure it’s up for the task of keeping your family warm and toasty – and safe. Our list will help you keep track of proper maintenance and make sure your fireplace is ready for regular use this winter.
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Pros and Cons of Borrowing From Your 401k

If you’re finding credit hard to get or you don’t have as much equity in your home these days, taking out a loan from your own 401(k) plan may be appealing. After all, most employers allow this, although some only allow the loans for buying your first home or paying un-reimbursed medical expenses. Your 401(k) is long-term investment. Remember that. Removing funds to meet a short-term goal is only beneficial if are able to pay back the loan as quickly as possible. Here are some other points to keep in mind if you’re considering borrowing against a 401(k)
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Did YOU Know?&#160;

Did YOU Know? 


23 cars are stolen every day in Minnesota – that’s almost one car every hour. Full-size Ford pickup trucks topped the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) of most stolen vehicles for the second year in a row with over 44,000 stolen nationwide. Full-size Chevy pickup trucks ran a close second accounting for nearly 41,000 thefts. What is worse, is that Ford and GM full size pickups and the Honda CR-V all had double digit increases in the percentage over 2019 thefts. When it comes to Minnesota, Ford trucks no longer top the list, yielding to the Honda Civic and Honda CR-V, Chevy full size pickups and the Toyota Camry before coming in at number six. Check out the chart to the right to see Minnesota’s most stolen models and their most stolen model years. Click HERE to read the full NICB report. 
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Insights Into Insurance

Insights Into Insurance

 Jennie Makowsky Americana Insurance Account manager discusses with Mike Woitas of 1450 AM Kate Radio in Albert Lea on our Insights into Insurance radio show about Loss Assessment coverage with Condo and Homeowners associations. Please take a listen.
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