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TACKLING THE LOSS OF INSURANCE We all know that insurance is important business - not too many wheels turn without it! Insurance makes dreams possible, whether it is building a home, starting a business, traveling across the country and even becoming a football star? Yes, you read that right, from the NFL to youth leagues, insurance makes football and other sports possible. But, the insurance market for football is evaporating. According to a recent Outside the Lines article on, "Insurers worry that concern over traumatic brain injury, like in the case of asbestos, will play out for decades, with carriers potentially on the hook for billions of dollars in legal and medical costs...Since 2005, when the first case of brain disease was reported in a former NFL player, thousands of concussion-related lawsuits have been filed in the United States, including class-action suits against the NFL, the NHL and the NCAA. Since the NFL settlement, concussion-related lawsuits involving at least 18 sports and activities have been filed in at least 29 states. They target not only professional sports but also youth leagues, school districts, athletic associations, equipment manufacturers, medical providers, coaches and athletic trainers." Insurers have responded by raising premiums and deductibles, adding exclusions or avoiding the long-tail liability all together, leaving the future of football in jeopardy.

Loss Prevention

Safe digging projects are as easy as '811'

Do you know what the colored flags represent?


Did YOU know?

5 Things Actuaries are Saying about Death Now
Three SOA actuaries - R. Jerome Holman, Cynthia MacDonald and Peter Miller - recently released a new mortality report, "U.S. Population Mortality Observers: Updated with 2017 Experience." Check out how this mortality report could positively affect how life insurers design and price products such as life insurance policies and annuities.


Social Security Outlook
Many Americans are concerned about Social Security's future. In fact, 72% of future retirees worry Social Security will run out of funding in their lifetime. However, Social Security won't be going away anytime soon, despite long-term funding challenges.


Insights to Insurance

FAQ's regarding Hands Free Cell Phone Law
HANDS-FREE CELL PHONE BILL SIGNED BY GOVERNOR WALZ   The hands-free cell phone bill, is the “Law of the land” as proclaimed by Governor Tim Walz at a bill signing ceremony (Or, at least, it will be on August 1st, 2019.) The bill, as amended in conference committee, passed this week with bipartisan support of 107-19 in the House and 48-12 in the Senate.  HERE is a FAQ piece from the MN Department of Public Safety that you can read and get to know the law.

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