March 2021

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April 2- Good Friday (Office Closed)
April 4- Happy Easter
May 9 - Happy Mothers Day
May 31- Memorial Day (Office Closed)
June 20 - Happy Fathers Day
July 2-5 Happy Fourth of July (Office Closed)

<span>Insurance Highlights</span>

Insurance Highlights

Slip & fall scams continue troubling trend

Businesses make up the bulk of questionable claims, but homeowners remain a target on scammers' radar, NICB reported.
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Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

What to Do When Hydroplaning
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How Much Should You Spend on Rent?
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Did YOU Know?&#160;

Did YOU Know? 

March is National Ladder Safety Month.

March is National Ladder Safety Month. Ladders are an important tool used by workers every day. But if a ladder is damaged or is used incorrectly, workers could fall, resulting in serious injury or death.
In fact, in the United States more than 500,000 people are treated and more than 300 people die each year from ladder-related injuries. Plus, the estimated annual cost of ladder injuries in the United States is a staggering $24 billion, including work loss, medical, legal, liability, and pain and suffering expenses.
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Insights Into Insurance

Insights Into Insurance

March Madness

When March comes and weather starts to get nice we all start thinking of our summer activities. Tom sat down with Mike Woitas at KATE 1450AM Radio and discussed what are some of these Summer items you should start to put in place and know about when it pertains to insurance. Such things as Classic Cars, Watercraft, Motorcycles, Travel Trailers and more.
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